- 02/11/2020

A look back at the Artline Institute's graduation jury of July 2020

At the Artline Institute, the graduation jury event is very important for all our students. It gives each student the opportunity to present his graduation project and to get feedback from professionals on the projects performed.

During this event, each student is presented with its graduation diploma, a symbolic moment in a student's life.

Missed the event? We invite you to live this day.


A look back at the course of the event!

To start this day, Yohan Blanc, co-founder and director of the Artline Institute, and Pascal Chave, director of the Concept Artist & Illustration division, gave an introductory and welcoming speech to present the event and its progress.

Then each pedagogical representative defined his or her respective curriculum. Afterwards, our students from the Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustrator, Bachelor 3D Infography, Bachelor Space Designer and Bachelor Game Design programs presented their respective projects in front of a professional jury (the presence of the jury at this event gives the students a professional feedback on their work in front of specialists in each student's field of learning). Each of the students highlighted their work and the skills they have acquired at the Artline Institute during this presentation.

Here are some pictures of the event that took place on Zoom.




🏆The jury's favorites July 2020!

Once the student projects were presented, the juries of each course (Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustrator, Bachelor 3D Infography, Bachelor Space Designer and Bachelor Game Design) deliberated on their favorite projects.

Congratulations to:

  • Louise RODRIGUEZ, student in a bachelor Concept Artist & Illustrateur for her project entitled “Yuka”. Louise created the main character “Yuka”: a young child from an Inuktitut tribe and his family who belongs to the Tiuni tribe. The project is about the development of this family.

  • Chloé BIGOT, student in a Bachelor Infographie 3D for her project based on "Pinocchio". She recreated a scene from the famous Disney cartoon by modeling each room, then she added the lights, the texture of the set and then the animation of the final scene.

  • Aurélia GEREZ,student in a bachelor in space design won the jury's favor for her project "Le vivant" based on the design of unoccupied spaces. The student made moodboards and plans to see the existing and the vision once the project was completed.

  • This year, for the Bachelor in Game Design, the jury's favorite was the Invincible group composed of: Loïc Sauvage, Axel Dupont, Clément Rebillon, Fabian Salvini, Malaury Palvadeau and Martin Joubert for the realization of the video game with the same name as the group.


To end the day, our students were presented with their awards by their respective pedagogical directors. We wish our promotion of July 2020 a very good continuation in their future projects.

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