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Concept Art: what opportunities, what professions?

Concept Art can be defined as the fusion of traditional and digital design. A digital art whose aim is to create and design universes, decors, characters and objects. Pascal Chave, in charge of the Concept Art & Illustration training at the Artline Institute, discusses for you the question of possible outlets and professions.



ken-le-bras-06-copyRealization of Ken Lebras, Background Artist and Mentor in the Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration


The Concept Art translates an idea into a visual creation, it's as simple as that. It produces in images, the reflection and the concepts defined beforehand by the Artistic Director or the Project Manager. It allows the technical and artistic teams to share the same spirit through a universe or atmosphere to be created. But then, how does it work?

The research phase is the first step in his work. It consists in relying on its personal culture and its references to be able to constitute a visual library allowing one to immerse itself in the created universe. This step is very important in the inspiration process, to start the production. For the creation of his own "concept arts", he mainly uses Digital Painting as a working tool.

Justine concept artRealization of Justine Cunha, Character Designer and Mentor within the Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration


∟ 3 questions to Pascal Chave

Introduce us to the Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration at the Artline Institute?


« In this course, I would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of pre-production and illustration. I have always been attracted by the "making of" and the "art books" of films and games. The program that I have designed for our students, accompanied by mentors, aims to bring you into this world...

You will first discover and deepen all the notions allowing you to express yourself graphically. Then, we will study the constraints linked to a production, in order to make you skilled professionals. So to your styluses! »


How is this formation different?


« The Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration enables students to acquire artistic skills that open up a wide range of professions and sectors (video games, animated films, cinema, comic books, television series, advertising, publishing...) so that everyone can find the professional opportunity that corresponds to their passion and objective.

Our mentors (the trainers), are professional experts working in the biggest international studios. They share their art, experience and expertise with the apprentices in a class of 12, providing close, high-quality support and supervision. Group emulation and collaboration are therefore quickly encouraged and learners are put in the best possible conditions to build their professional network and benefit from professional opportunities. The course focuses on the professional aspects (tools, expertise, interpersonal skills, etc.) through an innovative pedagogical approach based on projects, the formative corrections are live, individually and collectively. »



Realization of Jean David, Concept Artist and Mentor in the Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration


What are the opportunities and prospects after the formation?


« What is interesting about Concept Art and Illustration is that it is a domain that opens a multitude of outlets and professional opportunities. Following our Bachelor Concept Artist & Illustration, it is possible to work in animated films, television series, video games, publishing, comic strips or advertising. It's extremely diversified and that's what makes this domain so rich.»

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Ken Le Bras

Concept Art: what opportunities, what professions?

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